side of beagle's head
Smokie the Beagle

This is Smokie the Beagle. She was born in 2016. Smokie likes to play and snuggle. Her friends are Rex, a white Maltese dog; Savannah, a white Morkie dog; and Remus, a tan Chug dog.
Smokie likes to play fetch for fun. She also likes to play with Rex, her maltese friend. Smokie has lots of energy and spends her days running around the house and the yard.
She will snuggle with people when they are sitting or laying down. Smokie can do a few tricks too. The following are photos of Smokie the Beagle


baby beagle in the grass
Baby Smokie
beagle sitting
Smokie sitting on a chair
beagle wearing green clothes
Smokie wearing her green outfit
Beagle sitting on a recliner
Smokie relaxing on a recliner


Smokie rolling over

Smokie playing fetch

Smokie playing with food


Rex the Maltese

Savannah the Morkie

Remus the Chug